Plantry Plant Based Food Frozen Ready Meal Green Curry 350 g

Plantry Plant Based Food Frozen Ready Meal Green Curry 350 g

Creamy and flavoursome anyone is sure to love Plantry Green Curry. Ready within minutes, this plant based dish is perfect for lunch or dinner.
Vegan Friendly
Batch Made by our Chefs
Ready in 5 mins
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Plantry Green Curry is a filling combo of jasmine rice topped with green beans, red capsicum and a perfect kick of spice, you are guaranteed to be going back for more. Vegan friendly, this plant based meal allows you to enjoy a classic curry in no time. Prepared by professional chefs using quality ingredients, this is a great pick when you're opting for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. No artificial colours or flavours Plantry Meat Free Frozen Meal Green Curry is made only with quality ingredients for a delicious, vegan friendly meal that is also easy to prepare.
Plantry Green Curry
Health Star Rating: 3.5

Ingredients: Jasmine rice (46%), plant-based chicken (20%) (soy protein, water, vegetable oil, wheat gluten, natural flavours, sugar, spices, salt, emulsifier (476)), water, coconut milk (4.4%) (stabilisers (412, 415)), french bean (4.3%), chilli (3%), shallot (1.7%), vegetable oil, red capsicum, sugar, garlic, lemongrass, thickener (1422), spices, salt, galangal, yeast extract, hydrolysed vegetable protein (from soy), lemon leaf (0.01%).

Contains Soybean and its derivatives, AX, and Wheat and its derivatives.
May contain Sesame Seeds and its derivatives, and Tree nuts (Nuts) and its derivatives.

Storage Instruction: Keep frozen. Once thawed, do not refreeze.

Made in Singapore.

Product Claims: No Artificial Flavours or Colours. Vegetarian. Plant Based. Vegan. Dairy Free

Serving Size: 350g

Suitable for: Vegan | Vegetarian
Average Quantity per Serving
% Daily Intake (per serving)*
Average Quantity per 100g

Energy (kJ)

Average Quantity per Serving:2390kJ
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.27%
Average Quantity per 100g:680kJ


Average Quantity per Serving:25.9g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.52%
Average Quantity per 100g:7.4g

Fat, total

Average Quantity per Serving:17.5g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.25%
Average Quantity per 100g:5g

- saturated

Average Quantity per Serving:10.2g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.42%
Average Quantity per 100g:2.9g


Average Quantity per Serving:77.7g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.25%
Average Quantity per 100g:22.2g

- sugars

Average Quantity per Serving:9.5g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.11%
Average Quantity per 100g:2.7g


Average Quantity per Serving:2.8g
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.09%
Average Quantity per 100g:0.8g


Average Quantity per Serving:925mg
% Daily Intake (per serving)*:0.4%
Average Quantity per 100g:265mg


Can I recycle your packaging?

You sure can! Unlike most frozen meals our trays are made from paper that can be recycled, along with our sleeves.

The film just needs to be popped in the bin.

Can Plantry meals be reheated?

Yes, they sure can as long as it is eaten within 48 hours. Please ensure that the food is piping hot throughout before serving.

And remember, don’t reheat it more than once.