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Where can I buy Plantry meals?

Our range is available at all supermarkets nationally in Australia. Check the freezer aisle on your next visit!

Can I recycle your packaging?

You sure can! Unlike most frozen meals our trays are made from paper that can be recycled, along with our sleeves. The film just needs to be popped in the bin.

Are all Plantry meals vegan?

You bet!

Are Plantry meals dairy free?

Yes! All of our meals are vegan friendly and dairy free!

Are Plantry meals gluten free?

No, Plantry products contain wheat/gluten containing cereals.

Are Plantry meals suitable for halal diets?

Yes! All of our meals are Halal Certified.

How do I cook Plantry meals?

All of our meals are cooked in 6 minutes!

  • Remove sleeve and pierce film once (it's super tempting to pierce multiple times, but once will do the trick!)

  • Microwave on HIGH (1000W) for 6 minutes.

  • Allow to stand for 1 minute before carefully peeling off the film, stir and enjoy!

  • Add a little garnish, and plate to your liking and note, microwave ovens may vary so please adjust cooking time if necessary. And be careful, the meal will be hot!

Can Plantry meals be reheated?

Yes, they sure can as long as it is eaten within 48 hours. Please ensure that the food is piping hot throughout before serving.

And remember, don’t reheat it more than once.